About us

Winston S. Churchill quotes “A good speech should be like a woman’s skirt; long enough to cover the subject and short enough to create interest.”  Inspiring with proverb “Orator holds the world”, Dreampoint Educational and Training Institute Pvt. Ltd was emanated to boost up the world of public sphere of communication. The Institute was registered in Company Registrar Office Kathmandu in 2012 since then the Institute persistently moving forward. Speaking hesitantly in home and public places develops and strengthens the confidentiality of a person and express own views, ideas and emotions as well which obviously extends the public sphere. The immense power of the words leads a person to the top of any organizations and agencies. The orator leads the crowd and lets other to be followed. The Dreampoint Educational and Training Institute develops the good orators, and skilled leadership. We have well defined framework, schedule and human resources to outline as per the person’s need. We run public speaking, master of ceremony, memory power development, interviews and personal leadership development course regularly in our office and also based on demand of the client as such. We are motivated to serve as par with client needs and call. We professionally treat to achieve the shared goal of the clients.