Mission & Vision


Public speaking can enrich the speaker’s personal and professional life, and also provide opportunities to influence the outside world. It deals with the key terms such as Personal Satisfaction, Critical Thinking, Career Advancement and Influence the World. It boosts up the self-esteem of a person and helps to overcome the fears and insecurities. It empowers a person and also revolts within. Crucially it is important to deal with the audience and the clients. In any corporate institution there should have such a staffs that they can persuade and convince the audience. It helps to satisfy oneself and the audience by expanding the social circle. Critical thinking is another important benefit from public speaking. Through the intensive course and exercise strengthens the critical thinking skills, generates the curiosity, enforce to have best communicative skills. Likewise the personal development is the well-rooted part in where a person will have to think carefully about the best organizational framework, persuasive strategy, and language to communicate your message to the audience that helps to improve communication skills.

Success in public speaking indicates creativity, critical thinking skills, client oriented, self-motivated and focused on satisfaction of a client. It helps to spread organizational message to a wider audience expanding the professional circle. Public speaking can bring like-minded professionals together to share ideas. These engagements are great networking opportunities. The agency which admits such staffs will ultimately re-collect good reputation and expand the good-will in the market. It is a powerful way to unite people under a common cause and motivate them to take action.


The major goal of this proposal is to seek the opportunity and scope compatible to clients need and demand however it intensifies to achieve the following objectives related the course.

  1. To develop the capability and skill in public speaking and master of ceremony who are suffering from Glosso/social-phobia.
  2. To assist to develop personal development and leadership development by exploring and advancement of personal capability.
  3. To impart knowledge and skills to be more persuasive, critical and creative thinker.

Expected Outcomes:

After the course the following outcomes are considered to be achieved;

  • The participants will be able to express their feeling and views against the public very confidently, precisely, persuasively;
  • There will be increased leadership among them with most powerful form of communication for influencing others;
  • Performance of agency will be measured significantly by accounting increased sales of the products;
  • The productivity and team building among the staffs will be remarkably increased;
  • The participants will be prepared even in adverse situation that may encounter with the agency;

Training Methodology

All the theory classes will be conducted in a participatory approach through group discussion, group presentation, questions and answers, role-play, demonstration, case study etc. to make the trainings participatory different tools will be used in relevant session. All the sessions of the theory classes will be conducted in the participatory approach as group discussions, group presentation, question and answer etc. The trainings team will use followings tools in different session of the program. To transfer knowledge, will be used following methods;

  • Group discussions and presentation;
  • Practice and feed from the peers;
  • Panel discussions;
  • Films, videos etc;
  • Case studies;
  • Brainstorming
  • Role-playing for interpersonal skills
  • Peer teaching/learning