Dream Point Nepal

Welcome to dreampoint,

Dreampoint Educational & Training Institute is the pioneer institute inspired from our motto “Bridging dreams to reality” raised up to provide quality and professional Banking Training, Cooperative Training, Accounting Training, Personality Development & Leadership Management Training, RJ/VJ Training, quality Tuition and Language Classes and many more Life Based training that enhance and support in changing lives of students. Our dream is to find and utilize the unlimited hidden possibilities that we possess inside us. We are completely devoted and dedicated to transform human through Training and Development.

We believe Training can accomplish any kind of challenges and threats. So many people are ruining and breaking their life with frustration & irritation day by day. This kind of trend is increasing rapidly. So we think to control these by our active participation as a responsible citizen is the most.

Welcome Message from CEO

Dear Dreamers & Best Wishers,

All your dreams come true. Do you believe?
I am pleasure to welcome to all the students and the people who already have great dreams in their life, those who are just planning to make the dreams and also those who still don’t have a dream. Because I believe dream. I say so because dream is so powerful. If we see the history, most of the successful and great figures & personalities were created by dreams. Many great inventions were the power of dream. I am dreaming changes that can influence positiveness and inspiration to society. As we know, there is high demand of skillful manpower’s in Banks, financial institutions and other corporate levels, but the trend of people is undergoing depressions, feel of failure, lack of skills & increasing unwillingness. So to meet the requirement we are committed to render high quality international level , most practical, useful & Sustainable results related to Banking, Cooperative Management, Manufacturing, Trading & Industry, Personality Development & Leadership Management Training, Accounting, RJ/VJ Training for development and growth of Profit & Prestige of any organization.

We never compare with others but focus our services to meet the current & anticipated change. We have the team of high professions with national and international trainers for our proper guidance. I believe our friendly environment will click your heart.

We welcome all the individuals and institutions seeking to build their career differently in the corporate world and to increase the performance of the employees and continuous personal change to join our programs.

According to Walt Disney, All our dreams can come true if we have courage to pursue them. With Best

Shankar Kumar Pradhan